Spices, dehydrated vegetables, herbs

We bank on our combined experience of more than 50 years in sourcing of the best spices, herbs and dehydrated vegetables and take it as a personal responsibility to offer counselling and advise to our Customers on taking positions, enabling them to procure their requirements at the most competitive prices.

We have an extensive network of suppliers from countries ranging from Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Ecuador, Turkey, etc.

Our sourcing is from farm level, wherever it is possible or from main Collector or leading processors in the origin countries.

Our ground staff is present at origin countries during the processing, quality control, weighing and loading of the cargo to ensure that the quality of received cargo matches the contract terms.

We are members of the ESA (European Spice Association) and well versed with the food safety requirements within the EU.

We take pride in being the suppliers of spices to some of the finest food and spices packers spread across three continents ֠European Union, Asia and North America.

Our strategically located warehouses hold buffor stocks of main spices in Poland and Antwerp and allow us to offer "right-on-time" and "door delivery" services to our regular Customers.

We have a complete logistics support to allow delivery from single pallet to FTL in 3 working days within the European Union.

The main products we offer are:
Black Pepper (all origins)
Dehydrated Green Pepper
Fresh green pepper in brine solution
Pink Pepper
White Pepper

Seed spices
- Cumin, Black Cumin, Coriander, Fenugreek, other spices

For more detailed information about above products or any requires? Please send an email to:



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