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aromatic teas

seed spices and nuts

fine foods distribution

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Our role

Your sourcing Partner
Asian spices, food products, teas, ingredients, Central European dehydrates, Turkish herbs. We are well connected to the Growers and processors to offer "first hand" price benefits, IPQC (in process quality control), personal supervision to assure our Customers the best sourcing facilities at the origin. We strive for perfection in whatever actions we undertake. Our market intelligence and extensive network at origin relates to winning deals in a competitive market.

Your distributor Partner in Asia and European Union
We are well connected to the leading retail chains in the EU and Vietnam & Far East. This makes us your natural Partners for distribution of products in the Far East and the EU.

Who is our potential Partner?

If you are packer who has often wished he had his staff at the origin that could procure raw material at an affordable price and at the same time could guarantee that the quality of goods willbe according to the required specifications

You require a ground staff that would be a present throughout the processing and production and also conduct independent lab testing prior to loading of ordered cargo, right on time

As a producer, you want a local experienced staff to get candid advise on the raw material/crop situation and also proper recommendations on when to cover your requirments

You are looking for a distributor to expand you sales in the booming markets of Asia


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