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Our Partners for teas, Madhu Jayanti also owns itÓł own brands called Te-a-me, Gold Bond, Golden Victoria, which is a proposal for the Consumers with a refined taste for freshness in every sip of tea .

Madhu Jayanti is adept in understanding country specific taste profiles and developing product offerings that suit a variety of taste choices. We firmly believe that tea is a versatile drink that can evoke a variety of feelings and emotions with every sip. TE-A-ME is our first step towards bringing out the functions of tea to consumers around the world. We also believe that tea tastes best when unadulterated with artificial flavours and additives - therefore all our teas are made from 100% Natural Ingredients and REAL spices.

The sister company of Madhu Jayanti is the UK based Keith Spicer Co. Ltd. Which is the owner of some of the finest tea brands called the Dorset tea, Tea India.

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We are also well connected to the various canning factories in Vietnam , Thailand and Turkey producing the following products:
Canned pineapples
Canned tropical fruits like longan, lychee, etc.
Sundried tomatoes, juicy tomatoes made out of freeze dried raw materials conserved in oil, dried fruit snacks, etc.

We are distributing in the European Union markets and due to our local presence, we are also your potential partners for distributing your products in the far eastern markets like Vietnam .

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